Dr. Brown uses her Youtube channel to share educational videos.

Interviews / Media Broadcasts

Brown, B. (2021, April 30). Junior high and senior high students returning to online schooling. [Interview]. Interview with Ted Henley, The Drive CHQR770 Global News Radio.

MacFarlane, M. (Host). (2021, April 6). In Conversation with Barbara Brown, Michele Jacobsen, Verena Roberts, and Christie Hurrell [Video Podcast Episode]. Teaching and Learning Online Network (TALON) Voices (Series 3, Episode 2).

Brown, B. (2020, August 20). Return to school in-person or online? [Interview]. Interview with Angela Kokott, News talk CHQR770 Global News Radio.

Brown, B. (2020, April 2). Help with your home-schooling [Interview]. Interview with Judy Aldous, CBC Radio alberta@noon.
Brown, B. (2020, March 25). Podcast: Keeping kids engaged [Interview]. University of Calgary COVID-19 Support.
Brown, B. (2020, March 24). Webinar: Tips for Parents during School Closures [Interview]. Interview with Chancellor Deborah Yedlin.
Brown, B. (2020, March 17). COVID-19 –Keeping your kids busy at home: What are the best ways to help your kids busy at home with school closed? [Interview]. Interview with Judy Aldous, CBC Radio alberta@noon.
Weleshuk, A. (2018, August 14). Online Assessment of Research Projects [Interview]. Interview with Ashley Weleschuk, Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning.
Brown, B. (2017, May 16). Response to cell phone bans in schools [Interview]. Interview with Angela Kokott, News talk CHQR770.
Brown, B. (2017, Mar 5).  Should cell phones be banned from classrooms? [Interview] Alberta Primetime CTV two.



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