Academic Publications


Brown, B., & Jacobsen, M. (2016). Principals’ technology leadership: How a conceptual framework shaped a mixed methods study. Journal of School Leadership, 26(5), 811-836.


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Book Reviews


Brown, B. (2015). Book Review. [Review of the book The inclusion toolbox: Strategies and techniques for all teachers, by J. Kurth & M. Gross]. Education Canada, 55(2).


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Professional Publications


Brown, B. & Leslie, L. (2011, Spring). 21st century learning in elementary classrooms. College of Alberta School Superintendents (CASS) Connection Magazine, 19.


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Alberta Education Research Reports


Friesen, S., Jacobsen, M., Brown, B., & Alonso Yanez, G. (2016). Highly adaptive learning systems: Research in seven redesigned high schools in Alberta. Alberta Education.


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Alberta Education Publications – writing team member


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