EDER 692.04 Collaboratory of Practice II: Educational Technology Specialization (Spring 2013, 2014, 2015)

Collaboratories of Practice represent a fusion of two important developments in contemporary research: communities of practice and collaboratories. A collaboratory is a new networked organizational form involving structured experiences of authentic, real-world practice which serve as sources of active inquiry and professional learning. Using a studio or ‚Äúcollaborative laboratory‚ÄĚ learning design, this course provides opportunities for individuals or groups to investigate real world problems and to devise or recommend pragmatic solutions suitable to their contexts. This course facilitates the application of knowledge in real world settings and to investigate and learn from inquiry in the field.

In the Collaboratory of Practice II course, graduate students will continue to work on their action research projects from the Collaboratory of Practice I course and bring reporting on the projects to conclusion.

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