EDER 707.02 Collaboratory of Practice I: Post-Secondary Leadership (Fall 2013)

A collaboratory is a structured experience of authentic, real-world practice, which serves as a source of active inquiry and learning. This collaboratory provides students with opportunities to respond to contextually based problems of practice. Students will be expected to take an inquiry stance, wherein issues are examined through reviewing the theoretical and research literature and using an analytical framework to explore problems and responses based on setting and context through a focus on data collection and analysis.

Collaboratories of Practicerepresent a fusion of two important developments in contemporary research: communities of practice and collaboratories. A collaboratory is a new-networked organizational form involving structured experiences of authentic, real-world practice that serve as sources of active inquiry and professional learning. Using a studio or ‚Äúcollaborative laboratory‚ÄĚ learning design, this course provides opportunities for students to develop articulate drafts of requirements of their University of Calgary Doctor of Education Research Proposals: (1) Overview of the Study and (2) the Critical Literature Review.

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